How public media should read the Luminary news

Surely by now you’ve heard the news. Luminary, a new media startup that has been operating in “stealth mode” for several months, has secured $100 million in venture capital to enter the ever-evolving landscape of podcasts. The deal, the largest investment to date in audio, probably has you anxiously wondering: “What does this mean for public media?”

WHYY efforts focus on increasing racial diversity of staff, audiences

When WHYY in Philadelphia researched the racial diversity of its audiences, it learned it had a lot of work to do.

The station “heard pretty loud and clear” that the African-American residents it spoke with in the Greater Philadelphia area “don’t always feel welcomed,” said Elyse Poinsett, WHYY director of marketing and brand management, during a Public Media Development and Marketing Conference panel July 11. “And there are things that we’re doing unintentionally, maybe in our branding or in some of our spots that are more targeted towards our P1 audience, that felt exclusionary to people who were just getting to know us.”

2018 NiemanLab Prediction: The Year Ownership Mattered

For far too long, we’ve tried to get our voices, stories, and faces out and into the air. And for far too long, one group has controlled and metered the narratives, people, and places we could visit to tell those stories. Well, the dam on power and control in 2018 won’t just break — there will be a flood, a tsunami unlike anyone has seen.

2017 NiemanLab Prediction: Rise of The Rebel Journalist

It’s my belief the outcome of the 2016 election will be the genesis of a new form of journalist and journalism. The ill-equipped manner in which the media interacted with the populace and unduly influenced the election has led to the birth of a rebellion for what will be a new journalistic movement in 2017. The author wishes to caution readers that many of the ideas presented might be construed as advocacy or activism, but in an age of fake news, does it really matter?

The rebel journalist is someone who, armed with a chosen medium or space, will use their sacred privilege to research and disseminate the purest form of democratic truth and justice, free from restriction. Read more about the rebel journalists' manifesto.

Wanted: More career paths into leadership

Andrew was recently quoted in a Current article and diversity special, about opportunities within public media at the executive and editorial leadership level. “We can’t wait until the person in the next seat gets promoted,” Ramsammy said. “We need to be responsible for our destinies within public media. And sometimes that requires us to leave our own organizations.”