We're committed to helping public media organizations understand and embrace the intersectionality of diversity and its multiplying effects.



A truly diverse and inclusive organization requires understanding the dynamics of the environment and the potential for unleashing capacity for new ideas and divergent thinking to thrive.



The bridge between purpose and mission is most articulated through content. There's a holistic interdependency between what you do, how you do it, and the resource strategies to fund it.



Understanding the wants and needs of your community comes through careful listening, increased points of contact, and a deepening on-going demonstration of civic discourse and dialogue.

How do we conduct our work?


Our work comes through a careful understanding of the dynamics that exist inside and outside of your organization. We look at the environment, the atmosphere, to determine what’s there, what’s missing, and what needs to be done differently.

This can only be achieved if the entire organization is willing to be heard and listened to, and more importantly, mutually understood for its differences.

It’s only when we can create a safe space, where empathy becomes a shared value, that the true work of diversity begins.


Listening. An experiential journey.


We conduct comprehensive 360 feedback assessments to identify barriers to diversity and inclusion and design targeted, effective strategies to dissolve those barriers. Our assessment framework considers how your organization attracts, selects, develops, and retains diversity as both a thought-process and actuality.

We analyze the observable and unseen, to identify patterns of organizational culture. We then leverage qualitative research - for example, analyzing the on-boarding process, conducting focus groups, and analyzing the decision-making processes - to give meaning to these patterns. Based on this analysis, we create a diversity and inclusion strategy and action plan designed to meet the needs of your organization and key stakeholders.


What does this mean to you?


We believe that a methodical approach to diversity will lead to greater bonding across your stakeholders, increased sources of diverse revenue, long-term sustainability, a competitive market advantage, and further amplification of public media as differentiated.

What this means to you is that your committed to a new way forward and through this process you're open to discovering new ways of doing and achieving greatness.

 Key to developing anything new means a commitment to strategic innovation as a persistent action.